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On April 10, 2022, a beautiful litter was born: 5 females and 1 male from a very nice coupling

100% of the Top Quality Australian Bloodlines


B LITTER - born on January 12, 2012
All the puppies are in their new homes

The puppies were of the following coupling:

Father: Honey Boy Dominik
Mother: Penny Marry/JR Rags Puma
born on June 18, 2010
100% Australian origin (his grandfather is the World Winner)
medical examinations: eyes - negative, patella - 0/0
height 27 cm
full dentition
born on March 3, 2009
100% Australian origin (her father is the World Winner)
German Champion - KfT, German Champion - VDH, Czech Champion
KfT Junior Champion - Germany, German Junior Champion (VDH)
Three times BOB, twice Junior BOB, twice CACIB, twice res. CACIB, Landessieger, Landesjugendsieger (Germany), CAC CMKU (CZ), 2x Czech republic National Winner, many CACs
The best KCHT Terrier in 2011 in the category of the HUNTING PERFORMANCE, hound trial for hunting wild boars - award II, blood-hound hunting trial - award III, the 1st place in a fox hole, nose 4, voicefulness 4
medical examinations: eyes - negative, patella - 0/0
height 26.5 cm

Jack Russell Terier puppies

The genes of the famous
INVERBRAE JOHN OF GAUNT will interdigitate twice in the puppies.

All the ancestors of the puppies come from leading Australian bloodlines.


100% Top Australian Jack Russell Terier

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Baldassare Armonia Canina
- A male

Beata Vergine Armonia Canina
- A female

7 weeks
6 weeks

Beginning of the hunting training...

Jack Russell Terier - puppies with a marten

Other videos of the puppies:
The puppies with the hareskin...
... and again...
Bea hard overcomes a huge obstacle...
Mutual "eating" each other in the crate...
Bea has discovered water and somehow she cannot get enough...
I want it too...
And what is this? Well, my mother likes it, then I will try it too...

You can find links to some other videos of the puppies at the end of this page.

100% Top Quality Australian Jack Russell Terier puppies

Jack Russell Terier puppies

Weight gain of the puppies:

01.09. 01.23. 02.06. 02.20. 03.05.
Baldassare Armonia Canina 180 g 600 g 900 g 1500 g 1900 g
Beata Vergine Armonia Canina 160 g 560 g 1000 g 1600 g 2100 g

100% Top Quality Australian Jack Russell Terier puppies

The puppies are chipped, wormed and vaccinated and registered in the International Dog Registry. You receive a European veterinary passport and an export pedigree completely filled in (with all ancestors). In case of your interest I will let you know other ascendants of your puppy, who are not mentioned in the pedigree any more.
The puppies are suitable for shows, breeding but also for training - whether for agility, dogdancing, dogfrisbee, flyball or for hunting training.

Jack Russell Terrier

You can book a puppy by Email:
Email: jrt@jack-russell-terrier-jrt.cz

Or you can ask by phone:
Phone: 00420 603 164 831

(I understand English very well, especially when it is written.)

Jack Russell Terrier

You can book a high-quality puppy whose all ancestors are the leading Australian blood lines or you can just inform tentatively. You can also read something about this fantastic race: or in its standard or what induced me to breed Jacks and how we live with our Jack Russells.

Other puppies videos. Have good fun!!

Give me too!

How is it possible that I cannot pick up the ball?
A bun is good but the tail of my brother too...
Although we can hardly move as we are fat, we have to fill ourselves up again and again...
Should I manage to roll over in the right position? ... Ah, finally I have managed and I can eat again...

Jack Russell Terrier

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